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Electrical Safety

The Electrical Safety course provides trainees with an awareness of the hazards and workplace precautions relating to the safe use of electrical equipment, systems and portable appliances.

  • Developed with chartered safety practitioners
  • Follows HSE Guidance note
    'Electrical Safety and You' (INDG 231)
  • High Quality Training Experience
  • Instant Online Access - available 24/7
  • Certificate available upon completion
  • Approx. 30 to 40 minutes

£ 30.00 each
£ 25.00 per unit for buying at least 5
£ 22.00 per unit for buying at least 10
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About The Course

This Electrical Safety e-learning course informs trainees about the hazards to avoid when using electricity and the steps to take to ensure safe use of electrical equipment and appliances.

Aims of the course

It is designed to help promote a culture within your organisation that encourages everyone to consider the risks associated with working with electricity, identify common hazards, carry out safe procedures and recognise the strict controls relating to electrical systems.

Who is it for?

Electricity regulations apply to all work premises and those who work in them. It is important that all workers and supervisors understand their responsibilities whilst using electrical systems in the workplace.

Course content

Accidents with electricity, definitions, regulations, duties and responsibilities.

Understanding electricity, insulators and conductors, explanation of calculation of voltage, resistance and current.

Problems with electricity, effects of electricity on the human body, electrical burns, secondary injuries, other electrical hazards, batteries hazards.

Identifying risks, reducing risks.

A short assessment comprising of a series of questions to test your knowledge and understanding of the course.


How's it delivered?

Our courses conform to SCORM and AICC E-Learning industry standards which means they can be delivered via most learning management systems. Alternatively, if your organisation is looking for a simple and easy to use management system for administrating, distributing and managing e-learning course online then we can also deliver the course via REALSENSE's own platform, ActiVbase.

Many of our courses are also now deliverable on iPAD, tablet and smartphone as well as deliverable via traditional methods including CD-Rom, and USB memory stick. For information regarding your specific requirements please contact a member of the team.

Tech Spec

Operating System Windows XP(with SP3), Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OSX v10.6
Browser Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer 7 or higher
Memory 1 GB minimum for Windows XP/ Windows Vista and 2GB minimum for Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Windows 10/ Mac
Internet Speed 700Kbps
Adobe Flash Player version 9 or higher (required for Fire Safety Course ONLY)