REALSENSE delivers solutions across a number of sectors including Construction, Education, Financial Services, Manufacture, Pharmaceuticals, Public Sector and Retail. These sectors often involve environments where the pressure to modernise, enhance value and innovate is key to their success. REALSENSE applies is skills and expertise to provide cost effective Learning, Marketing Communications and E-Business solutions across all of these business sectors. We also have significant experience of developing off-the-shelf software products and media solutions for the wider commercial and public consumer markets.


REALSENSE offer a range of learning and development solutions and services for adult and community learning, lifelong learning as well as child development and education, family learning, schools and colleges. These include:

  • E-Learning course portfolio and bespoke content development
  • Online learning resources
  • Learning Platforms for learners, teachers and managers
  • Management information systems (LMS / MLE / VLE etc.)
  • Collaborative learning websites
  • Authoring software tools
  • Web design and content managed websites
  • Database systems and online applications
  • Consultancy – design, technical, strategic

 REALSENSE provides high quality, creative and innovative solutions that are learner focused. The quality assurance measures of our project lifecycle ensure that our clients are involved throughout the entire production process.

Financial Services

As regulatory change occurs and new statutory requirements are introduced, financial institutions are forced to update their systems to ensure compliance. This process leads to essential reviews and important business change initiatives.

Members of the REALSENSE team have been working in financial services for more than a decade with clients in banking, insurance, accountancy and chartered institutes. We have strategic relationships with a number of financial clients and have successfully delivered solutions for organisations including Barclays, the Institute of Financial Services and Scottish Widows.

The range of our work comprises learning, development and assessment tools covering:

  • Annual budgetary updates
  • Mortgage Compliance
  • GAP Analysis for pensions, investments, protection, mortgages, money laundering, regulation and legal, general insurance and tax
  • Joint venture learning product developments
  • Large-scale compliance initiatives
  • Product training
  • Strategic analysis and design of a simple and easy to use learning platform for Independent Financial Advisors


REALSENSE works with local government departments, agencies and public bodies to ensure that solutions are produced in accordance with central government's strategic initiatives, technical policies and specifications governing information flows across government and the public sector.

Our experience of the e-Government Interoperatbility Framework (e-GIF) enables us to develop and implement a broad range of solutions effectively and with the necessary levels of access, security, interconnectivity, data integration, e-services access and content management. We provide services and solutions for education authorities including:

  • Tailored e-Learning courses including workplace induction, health, safety and environment
  • Learning platform implementation and management
  • Content managed web solutions for public and internal personnel
  • Online course management systems
  • Information and guidance solutions
  • Helpline and enquiry management systems
  • Multi-lingual learning information kiosks

 REALSENSE also offers its ACLaim Enterprise Suite - an integrated set of modern online services and tools designed to meet the challenges of an adult education service. The suite's modules range from a number of tools that support the day-to-day activities of general staff, to more powerul data capture and reporting tools that enable effective financial planning and important up-to-date decision making information for senior management.

In the UK, a growing number of Local Authorities and Government Agencies are using REALSENSE solutions including Derby City Council, Derbyshire County Council, Islington Borough Council and Leicestershire County Council.

HR, Health and Safety

Almost every organisation has either an obligation and or a desire to train and develop their workforce.

Whether it is a legislative or compliance requirement, the need to bridge a knowledge gap, improve performance or simply to raise awareness and educate personnel about health, wellbeing and social matters, REALSENSE works with clients to roll-out meaningful and measurable learning strategies. We have a growing portfolio of Health and Safety training courses including Office Safety, Fire Safety, Display Screen Equipment, Managing Safely, Manual Handling Awareness, Environmental Awareness and more.

Commerce, Industry and Retail

As well as offering web, logo, graphic design and learning software (including e-learning courses and assessment tools), REALSENSE offers bespoke software and media services - media and software consultancy, design and development services. We work in partnerhsip with organisations to improve key aspects of their business - from basic brand building to improving operations and processes through the introduction of automated tools. We are a proactive partner that can help you streamline processes, manage risk, reduce costs, guarantee compliance and deliver quality to your clients.

REALSENSE have successfully worked with specialist leading retail consumer product service suppliers such as Global Merchandise Testing Laboratories and Bureau Veritas for organisations such as George ASDA Wal*Mart and Mothercare.

As well as producing software solutions that help streamline processes and automate systems, REALSENSE work in partnership with clients to produce solutions for the consumer market. Integrating well established client brands with our engaging interactive software and media (e.g. lifestyle multimedia and virtual reality entertainment CD-ROMs) has proven to deliver significant new and improved revenues with some of our products selling over 200,000 units around the world.

For more information

REALSENSE are learning software and information communications specialists based in Derby, Crewe and Braintree with clients across all of the UK with many solutions being delivered across the Midlands and surrounding areas including Coventry, Derby, Leicester, Manchester, Nottingham and Sheffield.

If you would like to know more about REALSENSE, our business background or the broad range of skills, capabilites and services we have to offer then please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team today on +44(0)1332 208500, email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or simply fill out our online web based enquiry form.