Slips Trips & Falls

Raise employee awareness of the common causes of these accidents and the positive actions that can prevent them occurring.

  • Developed with chartered safety practitioners
  • Follows HSE's best practice guidance
  • High Quality Training Experience
  • Instant Online Access - available 24/7
  • Certificate available upon completion

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About The Course

Our industry approved Slips, Trips and Falls course follows HSE’s general guidance on ‘Preventing slips and trips at work’ with particular emphasis on the recommended ‘See it, Sort it’ approach to employee ownership and responsibility in the workplace.

Aims of the course

To help raise employee awareness of the common causes of these types of accidents and the positive actions they can take to prevent them occurring to themselves and others.

Who is it for?

The course is suitable for all staff across multiple sectors. Choose a spotting exercise scenario to suit your workplace from an office and visitor reception, shop, manufacturing area, kitchen and catering or construction environment.

Course content

Can you do something? Slips, trips and falls shatter lives, common injuries, definition of slips, trips and falls, the costs.

Causes of slips, trips and falls, flooring, contamination and obstacles, cleaning, people or human factors, environment, footwear.

Assessing and managing slips and trips, reducing accidents at work, cleaning procedures, safe behaviour, footwear, access to plant equipment.

Hazard spotting: catering scene, construction site, industrial scene, office scene, retail scene.

A short assessment comprising of a series of questions to test your knowledge and understanding of the course.


How's it delivered?

Our courses conform to SCORM and AICC E-Learning industry standards which means they can be delivered via most learning management systems. Alternatively, if your organisation is looking for a simple and easy to use management system for administrating, distributing and managing e-learning course online then we can also deliver the course via REALSENSE's own platform, ActiVbase.

Many of our courses are also now deliverable on iPAD, tablet and smartphone as well as deliverable via traditional methods including CD-Rom, and USB memory stick. For information regarding your specific requirements please contact a member of the team.

Tech Spec

Operating System Windows XP(with SP3), Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OSX v10.6
Browser Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer 7 or higher
Memory 1 GB minimum for Windows XP/ Windows Vista and 2GB minimum for Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Windows 10/ Mac
Internet Speed 700Kbps
Adobe Flash Player version 9 or higher (required for Fire Safety Course ONLY)