Learning and information management

Administer users, manage resources, communicate information
quickly and effectively.  Push out learning, track progress,
monitor compliance, measure competency and deliver results.

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Powerful and Intuitive

Simple and easy to use scalable platform solutions providing 24/7 access for your
learners worldwide - with powerful tracking and reporting tools at your finger tips.


Activbase (our platform)

In addition to customising existing courses we have an excellent track record in developing bespoke e-learning for clients across all sectors.

Whether its compliance, induction, system or product training, our bespoke solutions are designed exclusively to reflect your training needs, culture, brand and your people.

Greater value than ever

We take time to thoroughly understand the detail of your requirements. Whether it be delivering accessible content for visually impaired learners, providing training in multiple languages or on various devices, we can help you drive change and achieve your goals.

The real value of our bespoke solutions can be seen by the positive impact it has on your learners and the transformation it has on your organisation.

Compatibility with industry standards

Whether it be 'starting from scratch' or evolving your existing training materials, we work with you and your team to identify and define learning objectives, plan content and design storyboards, determine the look and feel of a solution in order to develop and deliver a high quality e-learning solution, on time and to budget.

We have proven that collaboration brings the greatest results and so we involve our clients throughout all stages of production to ensure we maximise the potential of our solutions.


Risk Assessment

Our online risk assessment solutions provide fast effective identification and management of common health and safety risks associated with users of Display Screen Equipment, Driving whilst at work, Manual handling and Fire safety.

GAP Analysis

Our Financial Services clients use our Gap Analysis software to perform swift analysis of their workforce and independent financial advisers (IFAs). Key topics include: Protection, Mortgages, Data Protection Act, General Insurance, Investments, Money Laundering, Pensions, Regulation and Legal and Tax.


Bespoke Assessments / Tests

A bespoke solution can perform surveys and or assess the skills and competency of your workforce using a large range of question types that can be randomly presented from a question bank hosted in the cloud. 

Please contact our team to discuss your specific assessment requirements.

"REALSENSE created a solution that helps assess our Health
Care Professionals. It is simple to use and so easy to report on who
did the assesment, when they did it and how they faired. Brilliant."


"The REALSENSE team are a pleasure to work with.
The key to their success is their ability to listen and understand, explain ideas
and possible solutions in a simple, logical manner, their ability to offer sensible
cost effective solutions and their application of technical and creative media skills
to deliver excellent quality – on time and to budget. We are delighted with their work,
the speed in which they respond and can most definitely recommend them."

Derby City Council

Please contact our team to discuss your bespoke requirements today.

Powerful and Intuitive

Simple and easy to use scalable platform solutions providing 24/7 access for your
users worldwide - with powerful tracking and reporting tools at your finger tips



Activbase is a powerful scalable Learning Platform from REALSENSE.

A simple and easy to use web based platform, Activbase is designed to help with administration, distribution, communication and management of learning for workforces, partners and clients.

Activbase can be configured with your organisation’s brand and tailored to your commercial and learning objectives. You can add users individually or synchronise with your workforce / personnel database, using simple yet powerful user management and reporting features to monitor learner progress and measure training effectiveness.

The smarter choice

If you don’t already have an LMS or are looking for an affordable, simpler alternative, Activbase could be the right solution for you.

Compatibility with industry standards

Our own courses conform to SCORM / AICC (and some TinCan) e-learning standards. So, as well as working on our own Activbase learning platform, our courses and assessment solutions plug and play on over 30 well-known learning management systems worldwide and are designed to run on any industry standard LMS that is compliant with SCORM or AICC. 

Activbase is capable of hosting SCORM courses and assessment solutions and is currently being successfully used for delivering numerous other courses for our clients that were produced by 3rd party e-learning developers.